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The featured Porgram

A comprehensive program for teaching mathematics with the latest methods, advanced quality and intensive training. The Featured program aims to develop students’ performance in mathematics. and make them love the subject

Our Features

One Note

Special One note Platform

Mock Tests

Practice tests before the final exam

Record of Lessons

We provide the ability to rewatch the lesson on your free time for more understanding

Revision Lessons

Explanation of EOT structure and final revision for the exam


Competitions and events every two weeks with Valuable Prizes

Special Accounts

Each student has a unique account to login and access the content

Online Course

Best Math courses available from your home, no need to to go anywhere.

Emsat Course

We provide Free Math Emsat Course for the registered students

Why Choosing Us ?


We have advanced technology techniques in modern online teaching that have been recently adopted by the best universities in the world.

Self Paced

We provide the best interactive environment via the Internet for ease of teaching, delivery of information, and savings in transportation time from home to education centers

Social Network

Students in the Featured Program can communicate with their colleagues within the academic limits, to exchange benefits, information and opinions, which allows them to benefit the most by learning about the experiences of others.

Our team

Mr. Ahmed Ata

mathematics Teacher and Founder of the featured program

Mr. Ahmed Ata is the founder of the Featured Program. He is a professor in the program who teaches mathematics and possesses many skills that help students during the semester, such as speed of delivery of information, clear explanation of the lesson, and answering students' questions.


Administrative supervisor

Dr. Ehab Abdeen is a person who holds a PhD in psychology and is also the academic advisor in the featured program and has a lot of experience in how to deal with students and prepare them psychologically and emotionally towards success and distinction

Website Designers

Abdalla Mohamed ELMOUGI

Website Builder

I had the honor to work and design the website, thanks to the Featured program that gave me the opportunity to discover and refine my talents And special thanks to Mr. Ahmed Atta for supporting me in every step I took

Omar Ismail

Logo Designer

It was a wonderful experience working and cooperating with Mr. Ahmed Atta, who gave me enough space to be creative, explore and release my talents to the world.

Our Students feedback!

جواهر علي سعيد

طالبة في البرنامج المميز

ننصحكم بالأشتراك مع استاذ احمد عطا ، استاذ مميز ومبدع يشرح كل سؤال بتفاصيل وبطريقة سهلة و واضحة جداً. كانت تجربة مذهلة ومنظمة مع الاستاذ احمد .

عائشة موسى

طالبة في البرنامج المميز

البرنامج لايمكن تعديله من كثر ماهو مثالي، دائماً في فرصة للسؤال، وأستاذ أحمد مش فقط أستاذ ولكن كذلك أب لنا، دائماً يتمنى لنا الخير ويحفزنا

الحارث ضياء

طالب في البرنامج المميز

افضل برنامج تعليمي إلكتروني قد جربته ان كانت من ناحية التنظيم والتدريس و الشرح وسهوله وصول المعلومه.

عمر اسماعيل

طالب في البرنامج المميز

من افضل البرامج التي انضمت اليها ، حيث ان البرنامج المميز ينمي المهارات الفكرية و العقلية ، و انا انصح من يسعى الى التميز الى الانضمام الى البرنامج .

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